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DIY Resin Coasters

Today I'm sharing a Do-It-Yourself Resin coasters craft that I did using Epoxy resin. These DIY Resin Coasters are easy to make and can be customized to your choice of color. I have used gold flakes in these coasters, but you can add all kinds of fun and interesting items like dried flowers, sequins, glitter or beads. These would make a great gift to send to your friends or you can just keep it for yourselves.

Try out these resin coasters at home or you can order them from my Etsy store.

What you'll need:

Yield: 4 Resin Coasters

Safety and Prep

Before you begin to work, choose a well-ventilated area to work in and cover the surface you are using with a drop cloth or mat. Next put on latex disposable gloves to protect your skin. Please be sure to carefully read the craft resin instructions yourself and take appropriate safety measures before you get started with this project.

Mix Resin

Pour 30ml of resin and 30 ml of hardener into each one of the plastic cups. You will need 150ml of each resin and hardener in total. Stir each mixture thoroughly for 3 minutes separately. As you stir, try to do so smoothly so that you create minimal air bubbles.

Add Colors

Once the mixing is done, add few drops of blue acrylic paint to one of the cups and stir the paint in completely. Now add few drops of white acrylic paint to the second cup and stir well. Finally add gold leaf to the third cup and stir well. These are the colors I used but you can use any color of your choice.

Pour Resin

Now make sure that your silicone mold is clean of any dust or debris.

Start by pouring a ring of blue resin around the outside of your coaster mold then fill in the middle of each coaster with white resin.

Next pour clear resin over the white resin until the mold is as full as you like. Now pour gold resin in the center of each coaster to create a nice pattern.

Allow to cure

Once you are satisfied with how your coasters look, leave the coasters in place for at least 24 hours and let the resin do its magic.

After 24 hours, you can peel the coaster out of the molds.

Finishing Touch

Paint the edges of each coaster with Gold leaf pen and add a thin border on the top. Once completed, keep them for yourself or give as a fun handmade gift.

The entire coaster making process was surprisingly straightforward and easy to do. For a first attempt, I was very happy with the results and can't wait to experiment with adding different items. Hope you try out some resin coasters. If you do so, please tag @shrulicious in your Instagram photos and stories. Would love to see your work!!

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