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DIY Rope Throw Basket

Supplies Needed:

Instructions to make the Rope Basket:

  • Attach the felt to the base of the laundry basket, folding and gluing pleats as you go with hot glue gun.

  • Cut off excess material on the side and glue the felt on to the other end of the felt. Do not cut off the felt at the top.

  • By starting from base of the basket using hot glue attach the rope and wrap and around until the rope comes to top right under the basket handle.

  • Fold the felt back, using a utility knife cut off the top rim of the basket along with the handles.

  • Tuck in back the felt into the basket & glue it to the base of the basket inside.

  • Now the fun part is painting. Dip your paint brush into the paint jar and wipe excess paint.

  • Leave around 9 lines of the ropes from top and start painting from the top.

  • On the top, use less paint & at the bottom use more paint to make a nice color transition.

  • Let paint dry for at-least an hour or so, and that’s it!!

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