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Onion Samosa


1/2cup Chopped Onions

1/2cup Poha

1/2tsp Red Chili powder

1/4tsp Cumin powder

1/4tsp Coriander powder

1/4tsp Chaat masala powder

1tsp Lemon Juice

Salt to taste

Oil to Deep fry

1tbsp Maida

Spring Roll sheets


In a bowl, Add Onions, Poha, Red Chili powder, Cumin powder, Coriander powder, Chaat masala powder, lemon juice and salt as needed. Mix it well.

In a small bowl, make a thick paste with Maida and water.

Heat oil in a kadai for frying.

Cut the Spring roll sheets into rectangles of 1.5" width.

Take a small portion of filling and place it in the rectangular sheet.

Fold it in the form of a triangle.

Using the Maida paste seal all the loose edges.

Fry the samosa until golden brown.

Serve them with salted fried Green chili.

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